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Taking Things Too Far

From The Advocate:
"Shorter University in Rome, Ga., has started requiring employees not to engage in un-Christianlike behavor, such as premarital sex, adultery, and sexual acts with someone of the same gender.

Employees at the Christian university must also agree not to drink in public out of fear that students will see them, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They were also have told faculty members not to attend a school event if they've consumed alcohol within six hours of the event's start time.

The rules are outlined in a new "Personal Lifestyle Statement" being issued to its 200 employees. The statement was approved by the school's board of trustees on Oct. 21.

Shorter University President Don Dowless said anyone refusing to sign the agreement could face termination. Still, more than a thousand people have signed a petition asking to ditch the new policy. "

A bit ridiculous. What is interesting is that even though the University only has 200 employees, nearly 1700 people have signed the petition. We know, signing an online petition isn't as powerful as an in life one, however, when you don't live in the area its often one of those things you can do to show support. Another thing? Write the president of the University a well-thought out, and polite, letter showing why the policy is incorrect.

20 Gay Saudis Arrested

"Twenty gay men were arrested at a Saudi hilltop wedding, according to new reports.

Quoting the Arabic newspaper Almadina, Emirates 24/7 claims that 20 men were arrested at a wedding in the southern Saudi province of Jazan. Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia. Another 200 men, allegedly wanted by police, were also arrested, according to the paper.

Read more here."

In a country were being LGBT is illegal, this isn't looking good for those men or the other 200 they arrested. Not looking forward to reading the news in a few days when the other reports come out. I wish the US would take a stronger stance against these human rights violations, but when until we have wide-spread acceptance and rights here, that won't happen. Sad day indeed.

Fall 2011 Collection!

Over here at Chokerz4men, we've been working hard our new Fall Collection. We've listened to your requests by bringing back old favs like Lisbon:

And more bracelets!

Fluer de Lis

And there are many, many, MANY more new styles and designs!! So head on over and check it out!

Monday Night Football

It's not very often you see a major sports league add sexual orientation to a list of protected classes, however, that's what happened in the NFL's new collective bargaining agreement. The change, a very subtle wording over the previous agreement, slipped under the radar. Of course you may be wondering exactly how many gay players have been in the NFL- 3 have openly come out so far. But that doesn't mean many more are waiting and hiding because they feared losing their job. Most importantly this additions shows main stream culture's willingness to change and adapt, there might not be that many gay NFL players but stating that sexual orientation doesn't matter shows the league's commitment to the issue of equality. I still wouldn't expect to see a lot of outings to occur- the culture within the locker room needs to change as well. And, slowly, it is. As more and more players express their support of LGBT equality, the locker room culture becomes more accepting, but it isn't quite there yet. We're still a while away from an openly gay man being drafted by an NFL team, however, this change and the slowly changing locker room culture means it can happen and most likely will happen in the near future. 

Don't Ask, Don't Tell...


The policy was described, by then President Clinton as, "“an honorable compromise," instead it did the exact opposite: it destroyed thousands of careers and lives. That era ended Tuesday at 12:01 a.m. 9 months after Congress repelled the act. "“From this day forward, gay and lesbian soldiers may serve in our Army with the dignity and respect they deserve,” Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh wrote (pdf of the letter here). “For over 236 years, the U.S. Army has been an extraordinary force for good in the world. Our soldiers are the most agile, adaptable and capable warriors in history — and we are ready for this change.”

Recruiting centers across the country are prepared and ready to accept applications from gay recruits, ""No one should be left with the impression that we are unprepared. We are prepared for repeal," Pentagon press secretary George Little said.

Those troops who proudly serve us can rest a little easier tonight knowing that they can't be arbitrarily fired the next day. The fight for equality is far from over, but this is a great step in the right direction!

DADT- Who Should We Thank?

Tomorrow one of the longest standing forms of discrimination will come to an end- Don't Ask, Don't Tell is over. But, who exactly should we be thanking? Well, Patrick Murphy (a former Penn. congressman) is high up on the list. Murphy was one of the democratic congressmen who lost his seat in the last election, partially due to his strong stance on this bill- sponsoring it and advocating that other support it because, "it was the right thing to do, even if it meant risking their jobs in Congress."  Now thats a congressman I can support! It is not very often we have congressmen who put politics aside and do whats right, shame it doesn't happen more often...

Pat Murphy.

To read more about our favorite former congressman, check out his interview with the Advocate!

End of Summer Super Sale- Still Strong

Thought the sale was over?! Think again! Chokerz4Men is keeping prices ridiculously low on all of the sexy items you love! Check it out:

"Phantom" back by demand and only 49.99!

"Provacativ" just 54.99!!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Act quick! We're not sure how long prices will still this low and once the items are sold out, they are OUT!

Get a Little Closer- Don't be Shy

Every now and then you stumble upon a podcast that is truly worth listening to and today, we found one: Feast of Fun ( FOF is a gay podcast that focuses on issues that the LGBT community face on a daily basis. And we must say, today's cast is particularly good- it's about love and getting back into the game!

"Let’s face it- a lot of us have no clue what we’re doing when it comes to love and relationships. You may be able to get into a relationship, but are you able to keep it?

Many people find themselves in a loving relationship but then subconsciously sabotage it by re-enacting the negative aspects of former relationships or even the bad habits of their parent’s relationships. Why do we get stuck in these ruts?

Today Dr. Frankie Bashan, a licensed psychologist and matchmaker joins us to talk about ways we undermine ourselves when we want to get close to somebody else.

• How to you go about dating someone when you haven’t been on a date in forever.

• How your small community can actually get in the way of getting jiggy with it.

And how to have it all, relationships, love, sex, and a career.

Forever Alones! This is the show for you."

Now if you enjoyed their show, please help keep Feast of Fun alive so we can bring more shows for years to come. Donate

Take a listen to it: here

Fall Fashion Fun!

As cooler temps start to settle in across parts of the US, we bid ado to Summer- it's been fun, friend, but like all good things we must part ways for the time being. And with that, we welcome in Fall! Crisp mornings, crunchy leaves, and colorful trees- whats not to love about Fall? Fall is all about colors, bright passionate and vibrate- and your wardrobe should reflect that! Browns and deep earthly colors aren't the way to go for main pieces! Select bright, cheerful colors:

Photography by Greg Vaughan

Turtle necks are also a popular choice for this season, coupled with a nice pair of wool dress pants will create a refined, yet comfortable look. Perfect for the office! As always, don't forget that we have the perfect choker or necklace to accent any outfit in any season! And with our end of summer super sale going on, there couldn't be a better time to buy some jewelry! Check out Chokerz4Men for all of your accessory needs!

Welcome To ChoKerZ 4 Men Fashion Jewelry Blog!

Our mission at Chokerz4men is to provide men with very tasteful, well-designed, high quality, original, affordable neck jewelry to enhance their appearance ~ no matter what activities they are engaged in.  Whether they are at the gym, on the job, in a club, at a dinner party or spending time with that special person, we hope our fashion jewelry will make them look and feel just a little bit better.

We began the company by accident.  Chokerz4men was born when I was coerced into accompanying a friend who was attending a world acclaimed international jewelry and gem exposition.  As I walked aisle after aisle of fabulous displays of precious and semi-precious stones, beautiful minerals, gold and silver chains, exotic beads and dazzling pieces of finished, custom, original jewelry, I was struck by what I did not see. There was no jewelry for men.  Everything was geared to women.  Wow! It was like men did not exist. 

The year was 2005 and men wearing earrings had become very commonplace.    Also, men that could afford it were wearing very expensive watches, some costing $50,000.00.  This was definitely not just about telling time because that could be accomplished with a $25.00 watch.  No, this was about body adornment and self expression.  It was men making a fashion statement about who they were with what they were accessorizing with.

I began reflecting on how men expressed themselves when dressing.  An important accessory that used to add a bit of color and splash was the necktie.  If a guy was conservative he might wear a solid color tie or a rep stripe; a corporate executive would wear a power tie in red or blue;  someone who wanted to express a more sophisticated look might wear an Hermes print;  men who were more confident might wear a more vivid color, a fun conversational print or a masculine jacquard pattern design. The choice of a tie was to be an important way that a man could give a little hint about who he is.  It isn’t any more.

Its 2008 ~ where most men are not required to wear a tie at work and they rarely choose to wear one when dressing casually.  In fact, most men wear open collared shirts and their necks are totally naked ~ but now they don't have to be!  Guys wear T-shirts, polo shirts, sport shirts with jeans, khaki’s, shorts or dress slacks most of the time.  That’s it.  There is no other way for them to signal anything about themselves until now.

Chokerz4men was born to provide men with a fun, special and unique way to dress up their necks and complete their wardrobes while giving other guys a little window into their personality.  The reason that we offer so many unique categories of design is that all men are not the same in their preferences. That’s the good news.

At Chokerz 4 Men, we offer individual groups that cover a wide range of tastes that appeal to men that want a dressy look, others who are carefree and whimsical, some who honor faith and others that flow in and out of many lifestyles.  At Chokerz4men the choice is yours.

We are excited, but not sure where our online newsletter/blogging will take us.  But one thing we know is that we want to constantly offer the best looking, best value Chokers, Necklaces, Pendants and Bracelets for our customers and we are hoping that by having a blog it will enable us to hear from you, about what you like, don’t like or are looking for in men’s fashion jewelry.

We will use this blog to keep you informed of new products, future events, possible discounts on selected styles or contests ~ so please feel free to subscribe so that you are always updated when new information or promotions are published.

Some guys have contacted us about including our men's fashion jewelry as part of their commitment, and now wedding ceremonies.  Whether as matching gifts for the groomsmen or for the husbands, we are looking forward to supplying the best original men's jewelry that will help make it even a more special day.
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